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HCD Corp

 "HCD has pioneered an innovative solution that will enable the world's leading systems design teams to get to market faster with a high performance solution."-Ralph Kaplan, Executive Vice President and General Manager

HCD's unique NexMod™ family of products offers commercial and industrial applications.

•A complete RDRAM memory channel in a single, compact form factor subsystem
•Drop-in memory solution for packet data memory
•Significant board space savings, allowing a less expensive mainboard and fewer layers

DDR NexMod™
•A high performance, small form factor solution for blade server applications
•Tighter control over length matching versus DIMM designs enables higher system margin
•Small form factor with very little airflow can operate in the commercial temperature range

HCD licensed their NexMod™ technology to Viking Interworks, a Sanmina-SCI company, and Samsung Semiconductor in late 2002.

For more information head over to the contact page .