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HCD RDRAM NexMod™ Summary Sheet

Design Guide

Manufacturing Guide


RDRAM NexMod™ Overview


Connecting RDRAM NexMod™
with mainboard adaptor

Rework Procedure

RDRAM NexMod™ White Paper


DRCG Debug
2D/4D/8D NexMod™ IBIS Models

HCD 288Mb-based RDRAM NexMod™
Datasheet 800Mhz

HCD 288Mb-based RDRAM NexMod™
Datasheet 1066Mhz

HCD 576Mb-based RDRAM NexMod™
Datasheet 1066Mhz


DDR NexMod™ 

HCD DDR NexMod™ Summary Sheet


DDR NexMod™ Overview

256Mb DDR NexMod™ Datasheet