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Connectors for the military and aerospace market require consistently high quality and reliable performance under rugged conditions.  Common use cases include: board-to-board, chip package/module-to-board,flex-to-board, and component-to-board.  Common applications in this market include:

-High Speed RF Solutions (satellite antennas, phased array antennas, active electronically steered array radar)
-Airborne Computers and Avionics (MCMs, ASICs, CPUs, and LRMs)

HCD's proprietary connector technology is well suited for use in such military and aerospace applications.  Key benefits of HCD technology include:

High frequency capability up to 40GHz @-1.0 dB •Multi-point contact/mechanical wipe
•Solderless RoHS compatible •High Density
Low profile height of 0.8mm (0.32) Low Cres (<10mOhm)
Minimum contact spacing of 0.4mm Rugged