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Computer & Peripherals (Semiconductor)

The backbone of a PC is its motherboard, which integrates all system components using package-to-board, many board-to-board, and wire-to-board connectors.  HCD's LGA and BGA engineering and test sockets address prototyping, validation, programming, and final test in the package-to-board market space.  Incorporating proprietary SuperButton® solderless connector technology, HCD's sockets offer unparalleled design flexibility and uncompromising electrical and mechanical performance.

Connectors in this market are characterized by high electrical performance, high signal/power integrity and high density.  The SuperButton® connector technology is ideally suited for this market with high speed (up to 30 GHz bandwidth), low Cres (<10mOhm), and high current (up to 7A/pin continuous) capabilities.  In addition, HCD also offers burn-in socket as high durability solutions for test and burn-in of LGA, BGA, and QFN devices.


Another key focus are is in the wafer probe application where a space transformer is used to fan out the finder pad pitch of the DUT to a coarser pad pitch of the PCB.  HCD's board-to-board SuperButton® interposer is used between the space transformer and the PCB  as shown in the image to the left.  Interconnects in this market are characterized by high density, low force and superior electrical performance.  Large forces have the tendency to warp probe cards and load boards.  Large array applications give rise to an overall higher load for the array, requiring more sophisticated and, consequently, more expensive clamping hardware.  The 3rd generation low force (<10g/pin) SuperButton® is the technology of choice with high electrical performance and reliable contact.