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Medical Devices
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Medical Devices

Devices for the medical market are designed and built for accuracy and reliability.  These devices rely on fast and accurate signal processing, as well as high reliability components.  Highlighted below is a fully tileable two-dimensional (2D) photodiode matrix for medical imaging, specifically X-ray computed tomography (CT).

A key trend in the CT industry is to build machines with larger area detectors to speed up the measurements and to avoid image blurring due to patient movement during the scan.  In current CT detector constructions, signals are read out  from the individual photo-detector elements of the detector array through lines along the surface facing the radiation source.  From there, the signal is transmitted from wire bonds down to a substrate or to an electronics chip.  Using this method there is a physical limitation on the size of a photo-detector array that may be manufactured. A photo-detector with the possibility of expansion in all directions is known as a "tileable" detector.  Technology integrating interconnects with the traditional front illuminated photodiodes is fast becoming the preferred choice. The photocurrents can be read out from the back side of the photodiode chip through the interconnects, giving the possibility of constructing large areas of photo-detectors for the CT machine.

CT devices typically require:

  • Board-to-board connectivity
  • A high number of solderless connections
  • Up to 100s of interposers which are field replaceable

HCD's solderless SuperButton® connector technology is an ideal solution for space-constrained medical devices.  HCD products provide superior electrical performance, high reliability, are field replaceable, and can be easily configured to any footprint providing enhanced flexibility at a very competitive price.